2019-2020 Season

Congratulations to the Broadmoor Skating Club’s 2020 National Team!

Courtney Hicks, Senior Ladies
Paige Rydberg, Senior Ladies
Camden Pulkinen, Senior Men
Emmanuel Savary, Senior Men
Andrew Torgashev, Senior Men
Nica Digerness & (Danny Neudecker), Senior Pairs
Tarah Kayne & (Danny O’Shea), Senior Pairs
Christopher Knierim & (Alexa Knierim), Senior Pairs
Bailey Melton & (Ryan O’Donnell), Senior Dance
Maryn Pierce, Junior Ladies
Sarah Burden & (Jake Pagano), Junior Pairs
Sydney Flaum & Alex Wellman, Junior Pairs
Evelyn Grace Hanns & (Jon Garbutt), Junior Pairs
Mikhail  Johnson & (Winter Deardorff), Junior Pairs
Balazs Nagy & (Kate Finster), Junior Pairs
Isabella Flores & Adam Bouaziz, Junior Dance
Katie Holling, Intermediate Ladies
Ellie Kam, Intermediate Ladies

Note: Non-members are in parenthesis ().

2018-2019 Season

2019 Junior Worlds

Good luck to TJ Nyman, Sarah Feng, Kate Finster and Balazs Nagy as they head to Junior Worlds!

We congratulate Camden on his selection to represent US in World Junior Championship! Skate Great!!!!

2019 U.S. Figure Skating Championships

Broadmoor Skating Club congratulates our National Medalists!

Kate Finster (Northern Kentucky SC) and Balazs Nagy – 2019 Silver medalists in Junior pairs!

Dimitry Tsarevski and Leah Neset (Magic City FSC) – 2019 Silver medalists in Intermediate dance!

 Alexa Scimeca-Knierim and Chris Knierim Win Silver at Golden Spin in Zagreb, Croatia 


The Knierims were in third place going into the final segment and went on to win the free skate with 118.80 points. They finished with 182.82 total points to secure their second Challenger Series silver medal of the season.

Tarah Kayne and Danny O’Shea Win the Silver Medal at

TrophyInternationaux de France 


Tarah and Danny won their first career Grand Prix medal, taking silver with 191.43 points. In the freeskate, Tarah and Danny earned 127.98 points. Congratulations!

Congratulations to 2019 National Championship Qualifiers

Emmanuel Savary Silver medalist Midwestern Sectional Senior Men

Alex Wellman Silver medalist Midwestern Sectional Junior Men

Balasz Nagy (Kate Finster) Silver medalist Midwestern Sectional Junior Pairs

Evelyn Grace Hahns (Kristofer Ogren) Pewter medalist Midwestern Sectional Pairs

Sarah Burden (Jake Pagano) Silver medalist Midwestern Sectional Novice Pairs

Campbell Young & Mikhail Gumba Pewter medalists Midwestern Sectional Novice Pairs

Dimitry Tsarevski (Leah Neset) Champions Midwestern Sectionals Intermediate Dance

Davis Ortonward (Romy Malcolm) Pewter medalists Pacific Coast Sectional Intermediate Dance

The rest of our National Team will be posted once official roster for 2019 US Nationals is announced.

Alexa Scimeca-Knierim and Chris Knierim Win Bronze at NHK Trophy


Congratulations to Alexa Scimeca-Knierim and Chris Knierim for winning the bronze medal at NHK Trophy this past week in Japan!

Upgrades to Olympic and NHL Rinks Audio System


The Broadmoor World Arena will be upgrading the sound systems in both the Olympic rink and the NHL rink throughout October 2018 and into early November 2018.  The Broadmoor Skating Club contributed significantly to the cost of the new sound systems.

Annabelle Schneider-Farris Passes Her Last Two International Ice Dances and Earns Her 7th Gold Medal!


She now has earned gold medals in Senior Moves, Senior Solo Free Dance, Senior Free Skate, Senior Pairs, Gold Dance, Senior Free Dance, and has passed all 10 dances in the International Dance test which earned her a 7th Gold Medal. Her sister Rebekah has almost done the same thing: Rebekah has earned six gold medals in Senior Moves, Senior Pairs, Senior Solo Free Dance, Gold Dance, Senior Free Dance, and has also passed all 10 International dances completing the International Dance test.