The Broadmoor Skating Club conducts 7 test sessions every year which are open to all skaters interested in taking tests at our test sessions.  The test application deadline is two weeks prior to the test date and test applications are available online:

Skaters who are not members of the Broadmoor Skating Club must provide permission letter from their home club which should be e-mailed to the test chair.  Test fees are non-refundable. Test sessions are held on Sundays

2019 Test Dates 

January 13, March 3, May 5, June 2, July 21, August 25, November 3


January 13 test session tentative schedule

Warm up 6 Minutes 11:00 AM
Kate Katen Junior FS
Lettice Black Novice FS
Elise Freezer Novice FS
Kelly Arnett Senior MIF

Warm up 6 Minutes 11:35 AM
Lettice Black Junior MIF
Elizabeth Lee Junior MIF
Sydney Flaum Novice MIF

Warm up 6 Minutes 12:20 PM
Sofia Frank Novice MIF
Katrina Messner Novice MIF
Gabriella Valenti Intermediate MIF

Ice Make 1:00 PM

Warm up 6 Minutes 1:15 PM
Sydney Flaum Novice FS (*)
Katrina Messner Novice FS (*)
Gabriella Valenti Intermediate FS (*)
Luke Fischer Pre-Juvenile MIF
Natasha Frank Pre-Juvenile MIF

Warm up 6 Minutes 2:00 PM
Lolly Barnsbee Preliminary MIF
Grace Fischer
Maeve McKisic Preliminary MIF
Annie Tupea
Alexandra Lapteva Pre-preliminary

Warm up 6 Minutes 2:45 PM
Lolly Barnsbee Preliminary FS (*)
Alexandra Lapteva Pre-Preliminary (*)

(*) contingent

END 3:00 PM