2022 U.S. National Team Members

CAYLA COTTRELL (Palkhouski, Uladzislau) – Sr. Ice Dance

CLARE SEO- Jr. Ladies
ELLIE KAM (Ian Mayh) – Jr. Pairs
DAVIS ORTONWARD (Rebecca Kerscher) – Jr. Ice Dance

P. KANESHIGE – Novice Ladies

LOGAN HIGASE-CHEN – Intermediate Ladies


Competition Results (9/20/21)


Paige Rydberg finishes 5th at the 2021 US Figure Skating Classic.

Maryn Pierce makes her Junior Grand Prix debut in Russia and finishes 8th.

Phattiratide Kaneshige wins gold at the 2021 USFS Novice/Junior Skating Challenge.

Phoebe Stubblefield places 5th at the 2021 USFS Novice/Junior Skating Challenge.

Competing in the 2021 National Solo Dance Finals are:
Kelly Arnett (8th – Gold Dance)
Elizabeth Lee (5th – Jr. Combined)
Claire Katen Congratulations to all of our skaters!

Clare Seo, Flores & Tsareski make their ISU Junior Grand Prix Debut

Clare Seo, Jr. Ladies, and Isabella Flores and Dimitri Tsareski, Jr. Ice Dance, make their Junior Grand Prix debut representing the USA at Courchevel, France. Seo place 3rd in the Junior Women’s event and Flores and Tsareski place 2nd in Junior Ice Dance.

Courtney Hicks places 12th in the Peggy Fleming Trophy!

Courtney returns to the ice with a beautiful performance in the Peggy Fleming Trophy, placing 12th overall.

Great job, Courtney!

Read more Peggy Fleming Trophy results here.

Glennace Cohen

Reflections on 50 Years in Figure Skating

It is an honor and a privilege to have worked with fellow judges from all over the country. My skating started as follows: My father took me skating at about the age of 9 and decided I would have more fun by joining the Hershey Junior Figure Skating Club which at that time was the largest in the country. My father thought that the public skating sessions looked as though it was a big pudding. I was a single skater and competed in local competitions and the Philadelphia areas. As an adult skater I had a dance partner and competed in Lake Placid and South Atlantics. 
My judging started in New York as Mr. McCullough decided I should become a judge because I had a skating background. I drove 140 miles round trip to trial judge one pre-preliminary test. In New York, we joined the Bear Mountain Figure Skating Club, where I was test chairman, and then the Westchester Figure Skating Club. Later we moved to suburban Philadelphia, where we joined the Skating Club of Wilmington and the Philadelphia Skating Club and Humane Society, At the time, Ron Ludington was coaching at the Skating Club of Wilmington and many National competitors were there for Pairs, Dance and Singles. He also taught recreational and test skaters. I was fortunate to trial judge and receive my National Judge appointments for Singles, Pairs, Dance and Synchro. I have also served as Chairman of the Skate Wilmington Competition.  I also have served as Vice Chairman for Dance Judges tor South Atlantics and later Midwesterns. I also served as Chair for Colorado State Games. When Mr. Ludington moved to the University of Delaware, he asked me to serve as Test Chairman which I accepted.
When we moved to Colorado we joined the Rocky Mountain Skating Club and subsequently joined the Broadmoor Skating Club. After judging Nationals, Sectionals, Regionals and Sports Festivals, I can say it has been busy and rewarding Fifty years and still is.

 ~  Glennace Cohen 

Kelly Arnett – 2020 USFS ‘Get Up’ Champon

Kelly Arnett has been recognized as a 2020 U.S. Figure Skating “Get Up Champion”. This program recognizes members of U.S. Figure Skating who inspire courage and perseverance by sharing a story of overcoming and enduring difficult times or a situation in their life. Kelly is truly a “Get Up Champion”. Her story is one of enduring a medical condition from birth and overcoming the physical and sociological challenges that accompany it. Figure skating started as Kelly’s therapy and soon became her passion. Kelly flourished in the sport and made some great achievements. Read her truly inspiring story below.

Kelly’s Story

I would like to thank my family, coaches and friends for allowing me to be my everyday best and accepting me as I am on and off the ice and for being there to help me get up when I am down

All throughout our skating careers, we fall down and get up countless times.  In fact, it is one of the first things we learn how to do and it becomes an instinct very early on.  To me however, the Get Up movement represents more than just the tumbles we take on the ice, but everytime we are faced with an obstacle, challenge or setback in life.  I have had to fight and “Get Up” since the beginning. I was born with a neurological form of autism called epilepsy and had many seizures a day as an infant.  In order to develop my weaknesses and delays early on, I did different types of therapy of therapy and at two years old, I showed my get up spirit by informing one therapist “I do it!” as my mom has told me.  In school, I had to overcome lots of bullying from kids who didn’t understand why I was different from them and even though it was painful, I used their cruel words as growth and strength.

Skating entered the picture of my life at 7 ½ and I began taking lessons at age 8.  Skating gave me direction, intention, focus and purpose and what started out as a therapy to further benefit my learning disabilities, turned into what is now my life passion.  My biggest setback happened back in January of 2015 when I completely tore my ACL, needed reconstructive surgery and lost an entire year of training time.  The recovery was lengthy, incredibly rigorous and required me to learn a lot of patience.  Up to that point, I had only passed my Juvenile Moves and Pre-Juvenile FreeSkate.  What motivated me the most to keep going was the desire to finish what I started by completing all of the USFS tests.  The most difficult challenge that I have faced stuck in 2017 when my grandpa passed away and I experienced loss for the first time.  It was extremely life altering.  My grandpa, who I loved so much and was very close to, was one of my biggest supporters and always had a skating video on YouTube to share!  Although despair and sadness filled my heart for a few months, I had amazing uplifting friends, understanding coaches, and loving parents who would always remind me that he would want me to be at the rink and by doing that, is how I would honor him most.

Despite everything I have gone through, I have been able to pass both my Senior Moves and Senior FreeSkate, qualify to Sectionals as a Senior lady and use my story to inspire many people!  What would life be without difficulty?  How could we learn if we didn’t make mistakes?  Life was never meant to be easy and it is how we handle difficult situations that shape our character the most.  We learn to persevere and overcome them.  The Get Up movement to me does not just represent skaters, but everyone!  It symbolizes the spirit of how we should respond to obstacles, challenges and setbacks by using them as motivation to become smarter, stronger and more determined to accomplish our goals no matter what comes up in what we set out to do.  Life is unpredictable and will throw things our way sometimes but we have two options: Fear everything and run or Face everything and rise!  The choice ultimately, is ours!  My objective with my story is to let people see that if you want something, go after it and never let anyone dictate what they think you can do.  Believe in your own abilities because you are so much more capable than you probably realize!

I would like to thank US Figure Skating for selecting me as a Get Up Champion!  I am so grateful and honored and I hope that by sharing my story, it will inspire others to believe in themselves and Get Up when they are knocked down!

          -Kelly Arnett

2021 U.S. Figure Skating National Championships

Congratulations to our National Medalists!

Clare Seo – 2021 Junior Ladies Bronze Medalist

Isabella Flores (Dimitry Tarevski, All Year Figure Skating Club) – 2021 Junior Dance Pewter Medalist

Honorable Mentions!

Camden Pulkinen – Senior Men, Seventh

Maryn Pierce – Senior Ladies, Twelfth

Evelyn Grace Hanns (Jim Garbutt, Champions Edge Skating Club) – Senior Pairs, Ninth

Congratulations to the National Medalists who train in our facility with our coaches!

Bradie Tennell – 2021 Ladies Champion

Karen Chen – 2021 Ladies Bronze Medalist

Vincent Zhou – 2021 Men Silver Medalist

Joseph Klein – 2021 Junior Men Silver Medalist

2021 USFS National Championships – FULL RESULTS

Broadmoor Skating Club Members selected for U.S. Figure Skating Scholastic Honors Team and Scholarships

Isabella Flores and Maryn Pierce have both been selected for the 2021 U.S. Figure Skating Scholastic Honors Team. The U.S. Figure Skating Scholastic Honors Team Program recognizes and rewards student-athletes who excel in academics, community involvement, and figure skating. The criteria for consideration include the following:

  • Be a current member of U.S. Figure Skating
  • Be a full-time student in their junior or senior year of high school
  • Enrollment in a fully accredited secondary school with the minimum credit hours necessary for full-time status
  • Have maintained at least a 3.4 GPA (out of 4.0) or 93 percent (out of 100) over the past two academic years
  • Have competed in a U.S. Figure Skating qualifying competition at the novice, junior, or senior level during the past two years

This season there were over 120 applicants and Isabella and Maryn were among the 11 skaters chosen to receive this honor. Each Honoree receives a $3,000.00 scholarship as well as a $1,000.00 donation to a charity of their choice.

Congratulations Isabella and Maryn! We are very proud of you.

2020 Skate America

Paige Rydberg and Camden Pulkinen compete at the 2020 Skate America.
Congratulations Paige and Camden!