The 6th Annual Aerial Challenge

The 6th Annual

Aerial Challenge

Dear singles athletes,

You are invited to participate in the sixth annual Aerial Figure Skating Challenge, which will take place at the 2020 Broadmoor Open.

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If you are not familiar with this event, here are some facts you should know:

Primary Goals:

1.      To inject the sport of figure skating with an event that appeals to the millennial generation in the spirit of the X Games and Dancing with the Stars formats.

2.      To provide technical developmental opportunities to top level International Selection Pool and Athlete High Performance Development Pool athletes where they can compete high risk elements in a competitive environment and gain experience before trying these elements in Grand Prix events and other high level competitions.

3.      To provide additional funding opportunities for athletes through substantial prize money.

Name: The Aerial Figure Skating Challenge

Where: Broadmoor Open, Colorado Springs, CO

When: Exact date during the Broadmoor Open competition is TBD


Skaters will demonstrate various jumping skills based upon a skating order.

A referee, technical specialist and assistant technical specialist will call the element per ISU rules, using the review process ONLY in the Championship Round.

A mix of celebrity judges (former U.S. and World Champions) and ISU judges will assess a Grade of Execution (GOE) for each jump performed based on a scale of 1-10 (scoring basis available upon request).

No programs/choreography will be used for the event. Music will be used for the warm up and skaters may create a playlist and submit for playback when they are performing their jumps if they choose.

Ladies and men will compete separately with prize money being awarded to the top three men and ladies finishers.

1st- $1000    2nd- $750   3rd- $500

Aerial Figure Skating Challenge:

·         Top finishers of the Broadmoor Open Jump Events at the junior and senior levels go head on with all High Performance Development and ISP athletes in the event.

·         Only one attempt per jump but the skaters can elect to redo one jump element in any round if they choose.

Semifinal Round

·         Skaters will perform one combination with the following requirement.

·         Three jump combination of choice (must include at least two different triple jumps)

·         Results will determine skate order. Top 5 ladies and men qualify to the Final Round. Skaters will skate in reverse order of placement.

Final Round Men

·         Skaters will perform one combination from the following category:

o   Triple Axel combination

·         Results will determine skate order. Top 3 men qualify to Championship Round. Skaters will skate in reverse order of placement.

Final Round Ladies

·         Skaters will perform one jump from the following categories:

o   any two jump combination with 3T as the second jump

–          ·         Results will determine skate order. Top 3 ladies qualify to Championship Round. Skaters will skate in reverse order of placement.

 Championship Round Men

–          Skaters will perform two quadruple jumps back to back using the full ice surface.

o   Quadruple of choice (may include a combination) performed on one end of the ice followed by another quadruple of choice on the opposite end (if the skater completes two different quads then a three point bonus is awarded)

Championship Round Ladies

–          Skaters will attempt a 3A or a quad of choice

o   3A or quadruple attempt

Results will determine prize money and Overall Jumping Champion: the male and female skater with the highest Technical Element Score (TES)

Championship Prize Money (for ladies and men):

1st – $1,000

2nd – $750

3rd – $500

Highest Jump Bonus: Awarded to the skater – male or female – who completes the highest jump, i.e., the longest amount of airtime on ANY jump.


If you or your coaches have any questions, please contact me directly or the chief referee, Barbara Bradley (, and we will make sure your questions get answered. We encourage you to accept this invitation as it will be a great opportunity for you to add to your funding for the upcoming season and have some fun with your Team USA teammates and friends.


Tom Zakrajsek
(719) 491-9050 (text)