Featured Members of the Quarter

Q4, 2021 - Paige Rydberg and Gina Campano


Discipline: Senior Ladies 
2021 US Collegiate Champion
2014 US Novice Silver Medalist
Team USA member

“I have been skating since I was 4 years old. I moved to Colorado Springs in 2017 and joined the Broadmoor Skating Club! One of my best skating memories was my short program at the 2020 Southwest Regionals in Colorado Springs where I won the Senior Ladies event and received a personal best (at that time). This was special to me because it was the first time after two rough seasons I was able to put together two strong performances. I was able to have that moment at my home club and rink.

When I am not on the ice, I really enjoy cooking. I love finding new recipes and making them. I volunteer at my local church in the children’s ministry and I am currently in my Senior year in college.”



Family Member

“I can think of lots of favorite skating moments including the opportunity to attend the Winter Olympics in South Korea and watch the Ladies, Men and Ice Dance events with my daughters Elizabeth and Chloe. It was amazing skating all-around!

Watching my daughters and their friends train and compete are my favorite moments. One recent and one from years ago in particular come to mind. We recently attended the National Solo Dance Finals for Elizabeth to compete and she placed 3rd for her Junior Solo Free Dance, and 5th overall. It was very exciting! Equally a favorite, at age 4 Chloe competed in Charleston, SC. She slipped and fell out of a spiral, her first ever fall in competition; but she got up and finished beautifully not missing a beat! She kept perfect composure right up until she got to me and I gave her a hug. It’s not something I’ll forget.

 Watching your kids and their friends skate at every age, you get to see such strength exhibited in the successes and in the challenges. It’s pretty special.”