The Broadmoor Skating Club is home to many talented skaters and dedicated families and Officials.  

Featured Member of the Quarter - Q4, 2023

Logan Higase-Chen

Logan Higase-Chen

Discipline:  Singles Junior Ladies
2023 Team USA Member

Logan first started skating at the young age of 6. She was at a pop-up rink in Tokyo, Japan and “had to rent double-bladed skates made for young children!” She has since moved on to single bladed skates executing double axels and triple jumps. Logan has become an accomplished figure skater currently competing in Junior Ladies and is a member of Team USA.  

Logan is supported by a wonderful loving family, her mother, her father, and little brother Ari. She also has a pet dog who she loves to play with. My bestest buddy in the whole world is my 2 year old Shihpoo, Teddy Jiro.” Off the ice Logan volunteers with her mother, enjoys skiing and travelling, and attends public high school. 

Featured Members of the Quarter - Q3, 2023

Dacia Loconte & Skyler Luther


Discipline:  Singles Adaptive Skate United Track
2023 Junior Ladies Free Inclusive World Champion
2022 Junior Ladies Free Inclusive World Champion

Dacia is a Singles Adaptive Skate United Track competitor. She is a two-time Junior World Champion in the 2022 and 2023 Junior Ladies Free Inclusive World Championships.

Dacia started skating in Missoula, Montana at age 7 before moving to Colorado to train at the Broadmoor World Arena, U.S. Olympic Training Site.  Since moving to the World Arena Dacia has flourished, achieving great successes. “I have been excited by the support I have received as an Adaptive Athlete.  My team of coaches are awesome, super supportive, and treat me like I am capable while assisting me with some accommodations.  I love that they do not treat me differently and take interest in my life outside of skating as well.”

Dacia has many hobbies outside of her skating. She loves to travel, hike, camp, and learn new things. One of her very special memories is of a camping trip to Yellowstone National Park. Dacia’s favorite school subject is science because “I like to experiment with chemicals.”


Discipline:  Adult Singles Freeskate & Showcase

Skyler is an Adult Singles competitor in freeskate and showcase events. Skyler started skating a little over two years ago and fell in love with the sport. “I love the feeling of flying through the air when jumping. My favorite jump that I am working on right now is the double loop.” One of Skyler’s signature elements is the hydroblade and was inspired by watching Yuzuru Hanyu perform it.

One of the things I love about skating at the Ice Hall is the amazing people I have been able to meet. I have been able to meet so many Olympians and other great people, and I am grateful that I get to skate on the same ice as them.”

When Skyler is not on the ice he likes to be outdoors or working on one of his many projects.

Featured Members of the Quarter - Q2, 2023

Stephanie Kuban & Phoebe Stubblefield


Internationals, Nationals, and Sectionals Singles & Pairs Freestyle Coach, National Competitor, Professional Performer, Devoted Mother

Stephanie Kuban started skating at age 8 and has never looked back. She became a 5-time National competitor in pairs and in singles and later skated professionally as a principal skater in shows for two different production companies travelling around the U.S. and the World. Today Stephanie is a coach at the World Arena to skaters of all skating levels in both the pairs and singles discipline at the Sectionals, Nationals, and Internationals levels.  She has taken skaters to Sectionals and U.S. Nationals events.

Stephanie’s love for the sport can be seen in her coaching. Stephanie is known for her caring and fun, yet tough, approach. “My favorite thing about coaching is seeing a skater’s smile when they accomplish a new goal.”  If you ask why she loves skating so much Stephanie will tell you, “Because it feels like you are flying! Also, because it has taught me many valuable lessons at a young age.” And her favorite jump? “Toe loops!”

Outside of the rink Stephanie’s favorite things to do are skiing and spending as much time as possible with her two children, Colby (2) and Emmy (5 months). She also serves as the coach liaison member of the Broadmoor Skating Club Board of Directors.

Stephanie and son, Colby
Stephanie's daughter Emmy

Phoebe Stubblefield

Discipline: Junior Ladies

Phoebe Stubblefield is a figure skating phenom who, at the age of 13 became the 5th U.S. woman in history to land a triple axel in competition. She currently competes in Junior Ladies Freestyle and is a member of Team USA.

Phoebe started skating when she was just 4 years old. Her favorite part of skating is jumping and her favorite moments are when she is landing a new jump, such as her triple axel. “I love to jump – it’s the challenge I enjoy the most about skating.”

When she is not training or competing Phoebe likes to hang out with friends and go shopping. She is also an avid animal lover with her favorites being reptiles and cats. Phoebe aspires to be a successful and influential woman when she grows up. “I look up to strong, self-confident, outspoken, and successful women. Those are things I admire and aspire to be.”

Fun fact: Phoebe has also done a little acting. She played the part of the young Bailey in the 2018 movie, “The Ice”.