The Broadmoor Skating Club is home to many talented skaters and dedicated families and Officials.  

Featured Members of the Quarter - Q4, 2022

Ryan Jahnke & Natalie Evans


National Singles Freestyle coach, Former Team USA competitor, Choreographer, Mortgage Broker

Ryan Jahnke has been involved with skating for 37 years. He started skating as a child with his friends who played hockey. He soon switched to figure skating and fell in love with it. “I felt like I could defy gravity and there was always a new challenge to overcome.” And Ryan did overcome the challenges to become the gold medalist in Novice mens singles freestyle. He continued on and became a member of Team USA for 10 years and ranked in the top 10 in the world of figure skating.

It was a great ride as a competitor. Now I love to spend time with my bride of 20 years, Tashiana, and our four young children.
Ryan is currently a mortgage broker providing home loans and refinancing. He continues to be involved with figure skating as a coach and choreographer at the US Olympic Training Facility at the Broadmoor World Arena.  Ryan specializes in singles freestyle and is master rated in both freestyle and field moves. When Ryan is not working as a mortgage broker, coaching at the World Arena, or spending time with his family, he plays on an indoor soccer team, enjoys trail running and is involved in volunteer activities at his church. Ryan also leads a monthly dinner/ bible study for skaters through the Fellowship of Christian Athletes, for which Ryan extends an open invitation to anyone who wants to participate.

Ryan's family
Ryan with happy clients

Natalie Evans

Discipline: No-Test Girls Freestyle

Natalie Evans started skating when she was 5 years old. She was inspired by her mother, who was also a competitive skater herself. Natalie fell in love with figure skating and has made it her own.  She loves the challenge of learning new things and having to work hard to become better each time she takes the ice. Her favorite move is the inside spread eagle, and her favorite skater is Karen Chen.

When Natalie’s family had to move to Washington state, because her father received orders from the military to report to Joint Base Lewis McChord, Natalie decided to remain a Broadmoor Skating Club member and continue skating. She has been representing well taking first place in multiple competitions and being invited to compete in the PNIC Championship series held in Seattle. Natalie also passed her first USFS test, the Pre-preliminary MIF.

Way to go Natalie! Keep skating great!

Natalie with her sister, Maddie
Passing her first MIF test