Thank you for your interest in the Broadmoor Skating Club.

As a non-profit community sports organization we rely greatly on our amazing volunteers to help with our club activities and events. See below for a list of volunteer opportunities. All volunteers are given instructions and training in their area of responsibility.


The  Broadmoor Skating Club offers a tiered gifting program for those members who qualify and who meet a minimum volunteer requirement for the membership year.  (Gifting Policy Information here.)

Interested in volunteering?

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Areas of Opportunity for Volunteering

Broadmoor Open Competition:

Ice Monitor:

During competitions, Ice Monitors check in skaters at the gate for both practice sessions and competition events. Ensures all skaters in the event are present and contacts registration to verify skater status for any missing skaters. Communicates all skaters status with Event Referee prior to start of the event. Responsible for getting each skater on and off the ice at the appropriate times as dictated by the Event Referee. Communicates any issues with Event Referee for resolution.  Ensures safe entry and exit from the ice to include doors being properly closed during each skater’s competition. Tracks event scheduled time to actual time status to inform skaters and coaches when schedules are running on-time, ahead, or behind schedule. There will be at least one Ice Monitor at the entry-to-ice location and one Ice Monitor at the exit-from-ice location at all times. Minimum age: 16


Ushers will escort skaters, coaches, and chaperones at their designated times into the designated areas in the rink for their event or practice session. The Ushers will then escort the groups out of the building. One usher must stay with the chaperones at all times. There will be at least one usher per group of chaperones and at least one usher for the skaters and coaches for each event. Minimum age: 16

Music Player:

The music player will be able to navigate and operate the Media Monkey media player on a laptop during competition and practice ice.  May need to  announce simultaneously with playing the music. Will need to sit in an ice rink during their shift. Music Players should check in at least 15 minutes before the start of their shift. Minimum age: 16


The announcer is responsible for announcing during a competition event or during practice ice sessions. During competition the announcer works closely with the Referee of the event and the ice monitors (to get name pronunciations and scratches).  May need to play music simultaneously with announcing. Will need to sit in an ice rink during their shift. Announcers should become familiar with the Name Pronunciation App. It is a web-based application that is easily accessible from any smart phone or mobile device.  Announcers should check in at least 15 minutes before the start of their shift. Minimum age: 16


At the registration desk you will be the first person to interact with the athlete when they arrive for our competition. Professionalism and friendliness are important as you are the first impression of our club.  Skaters and coaches are checked in and given their credentials. Goody bags are handed out. Volunteers will also need to be checked in. You will need to answer or field questions. Must  be comfortable using computers and tablets.


In Awards you will announce the names of the medalists and present them with their awards. There will be no group pictures due to Covid-19 protocol. Parents may take pictures of their individual athlete if they wish.
This is a good area for parents with younger children to work in together.


Runners will collect the judges’ score sheets and take them to Accounting. Will also need to obtain signatures from the event Referee, and deliver results sheets to Awards. 

Test Sessions:

Music Player / Announcer:

Announce the test and the participant and play music if the test requires. There are 9 test sessions in a given year and usually take place on a Sunday. Will require you to sit in an ice rink during your shift and work closely with the test chair and judges.

Fire and Ice Events:

Music Player / Announcer:

Announce skaters and play music if no music player available.  Fire and Ice exhibitions usually take place on Thursday or Friday evenings. Will require you to sit in an ice rink during the event and work closely with event chair.