The Broadmoor Skating Club is home to many talented skaters and dedicated families and Officials.  

Featured Members of the Quarter - Q3, 2022

Drew Meekins and Cayla Cottrell


National & International Coach, International & Olympic Choreographer, World Junior Pair Champion (2006), Professional Dancer

Drew Meekins has gained recognition in the world of figure skating world not only as an accomplished pairs competitor, but also as a successful choreographer and coach.

Drew was a Team USA member for 5 years having won multiple medals at National and International competitions and the U.S. Junior National Champion title in Pairs in 2006.

As a coach Drew says he wears many hats. “I’ve worked for many years as a choreographer for skaters training at the club, and also those who visit the club. I also have worked as a primary and assistant coach to single skaters. I am continuing to do these things, while also working as a primary coach in pair skating.”  

Some of Drew’s notable students include Vincent Zhou (2017 World Junior Champion and U.S. National Silver medalist), Camden Pulkinen (2018 ISU Junior Grand Prix Final silver medalist), Mirai Nagasu (2018 Olympic bronze medalist), and Yelim Kim (Junior Grand Prix Final competitor).

Drew takes part in many other interesting hobbies when he is not at the rink. “Outside of my love for skating, I have many interests. I love to cook, and every Thursday I pick up a box of fresh fruits and vegetables from a local farm to cook with for the week. I also take a wheel throwing ceramics class on Tuesdays. I love to travel, experience new cultures, and take in new places like a local.”

At the 2018 U.S. National Championships (w/ Mirai Nagasu)

Drew with his students


Discipline: Senior Ice Dance

“I first was drawn to skating when I was seven, because I wanted to see the fish still swimming under the ice in the pond. After stepping on the ice, I immediately fell in love with the sport. While I have competed in freestyle and pairs, ice-dance is my true passion. I enjoy the freedom and artistry of ice-dance, and the ability to convey a story with my partner on ice to the audience. I also look forward to competing another season with my partner Vlad (Uladzislau) Palkhouski in the 22/23 National Qualifying Series.”

Cayla with partner, Vlad

Featured Members of the Quarter - Q2, 2022

Nica Digerness and Dr. Cindy Lockett


Discipline: Senior Pairs
2017 U.S. Junior National Champion
2017 World Junior Championships – 10th place finisher

Nica started skating at the age of 10 and immediately fell in love with the sport. She competed in singles through the Intermediate level then switched to pairs in 2015, and since then she has never looked back. Nica went on to win the 2017 U.S. Junior National title with her partner. They also placed 10th at the World Junior Championships in Taipei, Taiwan that same year.

Besides her love of skating, Nica also loves animals and helping people. She is actively involved in the community volunteering at animal shelters and nursing homes. She and her mom used to entertain the nursing home residents with singing and dancing. Nica also organized a benefit for abused women for the Raffa house. When Nica is not skating or volunteering, she is hiking, biking, or baking, and breeding exotic fish and chinchillas.

Nica is currently recovering from reconstructive surgery on her foot and ankle and is hoping to get back on the ice soon to resume her training so she can fulfill her lifelong dream of going to the Olympics.

2018 Lombardia Trophy - Bergamo, Italy


Family Member

Dr. Cindy Lockett is mother to ice dancer, Claire. Her favorite moment in figure skating was watching Claire step onto the podium at the National Solo Dance Championships last year to receive her medal. Dr. Lockett also loves watching the ice shows in Sun Valley, Idaho.

 “My favorite skater was Scott Hamilton. I also watched Nathan Chen land his first backflip while in Sun Valley. He was being coached by Ryan Bradley. Nathan landed it on his first try – of course!”

In addition to being Claire’s number one fan, Dr. Lockett is an esteemed medical doctor practicing family medicine for over 20 years.

Dr. Lockett with daughter, Claire
Dr. Lockett's daughters: Claire, Ashley, and Kate

Featured Members of the Quarter - Q1, 2022

Andrzej Dostatni and Kloee Spencer


ISU Technical Specialist, Olympic Ice Dancer, Professional Skater, Computer Software Developer

Andrzej is originally from Poland and was 6 times National Champion of Poland in Ice Dancing. He competed in the 1988 Calgary Olympics, won the Bronze medal at Skate Canada, and finished 9th at the 1989 European Championships.  As a professional skater Andrzej performed and was director of the Sun Valley Ice Show.

While competing for Poland on their Olympic and National Teams, Andrzej studied Computer Science and finished the program as the top student in his class. 

In 2003 Andrzej became involved with ISU, developing and testing a new judging system – the Code of Points (IJS) system. He was the first ISU Technical Specialist in Ice Dance and was a Technical Specialist in the World Championships that first used the system in 2005. Andrzej also officiated on the Technical Panel at the Olympic Games and ISU Championships.  

These days Andrzej primarily manages his software company building applications in real estate and healthcare, but continues to be very active in the skating community. He continues to perform the functions of a Technical Specialist for ISU and is headed to Estonia this month for the ISU 4 Continents Championships. He also coaches part time helping his wife Elena, an ice dance coach at the World Arena, with the ice dancers with their technique and level of difficulty of elements.

2006 Winter Olympics, Torino, Italy
1987 World Championships, Cincinnati, OH
First Steps


Discipline: Pre-preliminary Girls

“I started skating when I was 4 and am now 7 years old.

My favorite elements that I am working on are my layback spin and axel. They are definitely a challenge. I love skating because I get to spend time with friends. We get to learn new things together & support each other at practices and competitions.

My Coaches, Janet and Stephanie, make me work hard and make it super fun! Competitions are another one of my favorite parts of skating. I won 1st place in the Skate Colorado Compete USA series in 2018, 2019, & 2021. I plan to work as hard as I can so that eventually I can land my double and triple jumps.